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the easy legal information service, toward conveniences for business and the people

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Oneclick, Practical Law
The easy legal Information Service, toward conveniences for business and the people
The Customized Legal Information Service Project builds a new statutory information infrastructure, which regroups complicated statutory relationships and presents them in the context of plausible scenarios, and provides clear interpretations of complicated laws and regulations.
Welcome to!
Ministry of Government Legislation(MOLEG) will continue to provide practical law information services so that users may conveniently address the common legal issues that occur in everyday life, without the necessity of resorting to legal experts.
promotion results
December 2008 : Foreign Investors, Foreign Workers' Employment, International Marriage Section                             Opened to the Public
May 2009 : Transportation/Driving Section Opened
October 2009 : Overseas Koreans Section Opened
March 2010 : Foreign Students Section Opened
June 2011 : Chinese Contents 外国人劳动者雇佣就业, 多文化家庭 Section Opened and Mobile Web Service                    Started
* June 2011 : Korean website provides 182 legal contents
How to use this website
Screen View : Navigation
This is the main page of the Practical Law Information website. Select the relevant user classification, from the categories of Foreign Investor, Foreign Worker, and International Marriages. For example, if you need legal information or explanations on foreign investment, click the user name, "Foreign Investor."
Main page of Item of Interest & Relevant Legal Provisions pop-up image: When you click on a user classification, the main page of the Item of Interest will show-up. On the left side of the page, you will find a Navigation Bar which provides information on each Area of Interest. Clicking on an item on the Navigation Bar will direct you to the relevant legal provisions for each Area of Interest. Click on each legal provision and you will get explanatory notes for each provision in a pop-up window.
Screen View : Search
Simply enter a keyword for a quick search of the relevant legal information.
Screen View : Additional Service
Additional Service
On the left side of this website, you will always see a Quick Menu. The Quick Menu has the following items.
  • Open Space: Information on the responsible organization as well as channels for Q&A, Input and Feedback
  • Relevant Websites: A link to the relevant websites containing useful information.
  • My Navigation History: A quick and easy way to retrieve past search information.
  • My Search Bookmark: A bookmark that makes it quick and easy re-access legal explanatory notes looked up in the past.
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